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'Have Fun Butt Play Safe'

The ‘Have Fun Butt Play Safe’ campaign is about improving the HIV health literacy of multicultural communities in Queensland and beyond. The campaign was developed by a consortium consisting of communities' members, service providers, and researchers from Queensland University of Technology, Swinburne University of Technology, True Relationships and Reproductive Health, Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland, Queensland Positive People, and Curtin University. 

For more information on sexual health services in Queensland, visit 

The storylines and characters in these videos have been designed, with and for, members of Sub-Saharan African communities, gay Latin and Asian men to raise awareness of HIV, its prevention and treatment.


The production of these videos was funded by Gilead Sciences, Inc. Zeroing In to End the HIV Epidemic program. Gilead Sciences, Inc did not have any input into the storyline or characters

Talking about sexual health and finding the right doctor

Talking about sex and sexual health can be considered taboo in some cultures. You might feel like Thema: “The last thing I want is to be shamed.” It is important to find safe spaces and trusted friends you can chat with and a doctor who is a right fit for you. 

Misconceptions about HIV in Australia

For some people coming from other countries, there is a belief that HIV does not exist in Australia. This is not true. As Tesfay tells Kagiso in this video: “Cases of HIV are very low, but it’s still worth being careful.” Get a sexual health check and play safe! 

Navigating language barriers 

Talking to doctors about sexual health can be scary and it is even harder if you are worried about communicating in English. In this video, Manuel tells Simon about TIS, a free nationwide interpreting service that can be used to book appointments. They can arrange for an interpreter to join for the appointment too. TIS services can help you overcome language barriers in health care settings. 

Getting sexual health checks as international students 

Feeling free and having fun but worried about your sexual health? For international students like Chen who don’t have Medicare, there are options for getting access to sexual health checks and things to consider when it comes to testing. In any case, sexual health checks are still important. As Tito says to Chen: “Play how you wanna play, but be safe.” 

Accessing Pre–Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) 

Taking PrEP to prevent HIV is one way to play safe while having fun. It is commonly used and reduces your chance of getting HIV from sex by 99% when taken as prescribed. Learn more about why you should consider taking PrEP and how to access it by watching this video. Manuel also shares some good tips and considerations about PrEP with his friend, Thema. 

Addressing HIV stigma

HIV positive people experience stigma that is often based on a lack of understanding. HIV positive people can still have safe sex. With treatment, an undetectable level of HIV for 6+ months means that it can’t be passed on. Disclosing your HIV positive status is hard. It can also be scary to find out someone you’re seeing or want to hook up with has HIV. Seek support, talk to a health professional and take it at your own pace.

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